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Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year
Posted on 07/19/2018
Superintendent Dr. Terry OattsA Message from the Superintendent:

I am honored and feel deeply privileged to have been selected to serve as Superintendent of Rockdale County Public Schools. As we embark upon the 2018-19 school year, we remain committed to our pursuit of world-class status as a district. At its core, this pursuit is about facilitating optimal student learning, achievement, and growth.

Robert Marzano’s meta-analysis research makes clear that the two biggest drivers of student achievement are effective teachers and effective site and district-based leaders. In his book, District Office Leadership that Works, Marzano identifies instructional leadership support as an important trait for district office leaders, most prominently as demonstrated by the Superintendent of Schools.

As Superintendent, I will define the key aspects of my role in leading learning as articulating a consistent message that prioritizes the following: a common understanding of the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) and formative instructional practices; the consistent delivery of effective standards-based instruction and instructional strategies; the maintenance of an appropriately balanced system of assessment; the integration of digital resources that extend and enhance students’ learning experiences by achieving meaningful differentiation and personalization; and the implementation of a viable, multi-tiered system of student support that is responsive to student needs.

Of course, ensuring student and staff safety remains our highest priority. To that end, we will continue to take measures to improve and enhance school safety by reasonably balancing access and security. We have already made progress in this area, but we will not relent in our ongoing efforts to maximize student and staff safety.

Fostering greater community engagement and involvement remains a priority for the district. I commit to expanding our advisory structure to ensure that we obtain, maintain, and sustain positive coalitions across a diverse spectrum of interests to inform our decision-making and to enlist constructive partnerships within the community to support our district’s school improvement and strategic planning efforts.

As Superintendent of Schools, I commit to working tirelessly in pursuit of world-class status for our district. This pursuit must be a joint one comprised of school and community stakeholders that are committed to ensuring that our students not only graduate at the highest rates, but also that they achieve college and career readiness through demonstrated content mastery, growth, work ethic, and additional employability skills. We are proud of the class of 2018, with nearly 1,100 graduates, who earned $25 million in scholarship offers. This affirms our work and pursuit of world-class status.

I am excited and proud to serve as Superintendent for the staff, students, and families of Rockdale County Public Schools!


Dr. Terry O. Oatts