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Kindergarten Curriculum

The kindergarten curriculum in the Rockdale County School System is an educational experience planned specifically for five- and six-year-old children, designed to meet their needs, and promote growth in intellectual, personal, and social areas.

The kindergarten curriculum is based on the following guidelines:

•  A child-oriented environment (nurturing, warm, and flexible), with sufficient structure to achieve desired goals.
•  A program that allows children the opportunity to explore, experiment, create, understand, and learn how to learn.
•  A program positively planned to provide many opportunities for success.
•  A program that develops problem-solving skills and promotes responsibility and independence.
•  A program to provide growing literacy experiences which will lead to success in reading.
•  A program to provide concrete experiences which will enhance the development of number concepts and operations.
•  A program to provide aesthetic and creative experiences.

Learning is a continuous experience and each child learns according to his/her own ability. A good school experience will offer the child many opportunities to continue growing.  In kindergarten, the child will learn new ways of behaving and should make progress in his/her individual pattern of development.

For a complete list of the Georgia Standards of Excellence for Kindergarten, please visit