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Student Support Services

The Office of Student Support Services provides leadership to create and maintain a positive overall climate for student learning and achievement.

We are committed to excellence for each student by providing the following:

•    Integrated student supports;
•    Effective and engaging partnerships among school, home, and community; and
•    Whole-child, wraparound solutions to address the nonacademic factors that impact learning outcomes.

Photo of Dr. Zelphine Smith-Dixon, Chief of Student Support 

Dr. Zelphine Smith-Dixon
Chief Student Support Officer

Phone: 770-918-2935
Email: [email protected]

Photo of Tracy Stokes, Executive  Assistant 

Tracy Stokes
Executive Assistant

Phone: 770-918-2935
Email: [email protected]



Name, Title


Community and Student Support    
April Fallon, Director    
Family Engagement Megan Sayago, Director     
Learning Support

Dr. Marva Howard, Director    
School Food Services 

Blaine Allen, Director
Prevention & Intervention Team    
Furman Smith, Lead Prevention and Intervention Specialist    
Student Registration

Marion Vories, Lead Student Registration Technician  770-761-1440
Lead Registrar  Tami Patton, Lead Registrar   770-918-2687
Behavioral Interventions and Supports   Judd Hinton, Coordinator  770-860-4231