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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Elementary School - Learning Options 2021-2022

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CLICK HERE for printable PDF on FAQs on 2021-2022 Elementary Learning Options.
HAGA CLIC AQUÍ para PDF de las preguntas frecuentes sobre las opciones de aprendizaje de primaria de 2021-2022. 

1.    What if I do not feel comfortable sending my elementary student to school for in-person instruction?
Rockdale County Public Schools is offering a district wide virtual option for K-5 elementary students who wish to continue their education virtually.  

2.    How can I sign up for the virtual option?
Parents must complete an online application via Infinite Campus Parent Portal for each student wishing to enroll in the district virtual option. In the Parent Portal, select Documents Tab.  You will be asked to complete the application.

3.    Is there a deadline to choose the K-5 Elementary Virtual Option?
The application window to apply for the virtual option will be March 22, 2021-April 9, 2021.  Parents must complete the application in the Parent Portal during this time.

4.    What if I do not have a Parent Portal account?

Detailed instructions on creating a Parent Portal can be found on our website at  You will need your child’s Student ID number.*For help with your child's Student ID Number, contact the front desk of your school during work hours. If your school's office is closed, contact [email protected].

5.    My child will be in Kindergarten during the 21-22 school year and is not yet in Infinite Campus; how can I register him/her?

If you are interested in registering your upcoming Kindergarten student in the Virtual Option for 21-22, please contact the Office of Accountability & School Performance at (770) 860-4275 by June 30, 2021.

6.    How long will I have to commit to the virtual option?
Students who are signed up for the virtual option are expected to remain in the program for the full academic semester.  
7.    Will the school district provide a device for my student?
Rockdale County Public Schools students enrolled in kindergarten through fifth grades will be provided a device for virtual learning.

8.    What is the process for returning my child to the in-person model?
Parents who wish to return to the in-person model will only be able to do so at the end of each grading period. Parents must notify their child’s principal, in writing, by the following dates.
Semester 2 Deadline for moving from virtual to in-person:  November 19, 2021.

9.    What is the attendance expectation for students who participate in the virtual option?
Students will be required to participate in synchronous and asynchronous learning. Students are expected to attend instructional sessions and complete all assignments. Attendance will be monitored daily.

10.    What are synchronous and asynchronous learning?  
Students will be required to participate in online meetings/lessons at specific times with their teachers (synchronous learning) and complete activities and assignments on their own time (asynchronous learning).

11.    What are the expectations for attending synchronous lessons?  
Student expectations are below:
o    Login promptly at the scheduled time for your live class sessions using the RCPS issued device.  
o    Questions and conversations should be related to the lesson.
o    Interactions with others should be respectful.  
o    Cameras should be on during lessons.
o    Students are expected to remain in the session and actively participate.
o    Students will be expected to request permission if they need to step away from the session.
o    If there are multiple students in your home, each student needs to log into a session individually.
o    To limit learning disruptions during live class sessions, students should follow their teacher’s PBIS expectations. If a student is causing a disruption that negatively impacts the learning environment or engages in behavior that is prohibited, they will be removed from the live class session and their parents will be contacted by the teacher or a school administrator.  

12.    What if my student is not able to attend the synchronous class sessions?
The student will be required to review the recorded lesson within 24 hours. The teacher must be notified prior to a student missing a live session and a written excuse must be submitted to the teacher following RCPS Board Policy.

13.    Will my student receive lunch?

Families will be able to pick up free weekly meal kits on Thursdays from C.J. Hicks Elementary or Honey Creek Elementary. Each meal kit will have 5 breakfast meals and 5 lunch meals. CLICK HERE for the sign up link and more information.

14.    How will my student receive additional help if needed?
Teachers will provide support during the intervention/enrichment blocks. Students may also request additional support from the teachers and/or the school counselor.

15.    What will an instructional day look like?

Students are expected to log in no later than 7:30 a.m., ready to learn, on their RCPS issued device. The day ends at 2:15 p.m.  Attendance will be taken daily.
For a sample schedule for grades K-3 and grades 4-5, click on the links below:

16.    Will my student receive grades?
Yes. Students enrolled in the virtual option will follow the grading criteria outlined by Rockdale County Public Schools.  

17.    Will the virtual learning option require my student to receive support from home?
Yes. All K-5 RCPS virtual students are required to have a voluntary Learning Coach (parent/guardian/designated person over 18 yrs.). If the Learning Coach is NOT a parent/legal guardian, the parent/legal guardian will need to provide written permission for the school to release student information.

18.    What are the duties of the Learning Coach?
The primary duties of the Learning Coach include but are not limited to the following:  
o    Read emails at least once per day.  
o    Answer all communication within 24 hours.
o    Complete all paperwork requested.
o    Keep student information up to date.
o    Monitor the student’s assignment completion daily.
o    Check grades at least once per week.  
o    Ensure that students attend all required live lessons.  
o    Monitor students when taking assessments and tests to ensure integrity in testing.

19.    Will there be an orientation for students and parents?
Yes. CLICK HERE for slides from the orientation. 

20.    Will new students to the district who complete registration after June 30, 2021, be able to choose the elementary virtual option?   
Due to staffing, during the 21-22 school year, this will not be an option available.

21.   What are the hours of the virtual school day?
Students are expected to log in no later than 7:30 a.m., ready to learn, on their RCPS issued device. The day ends at 2:15 p.m.  Attendance will be taken daily.

22.    Will there be books or other resources available?
Workbooks and resources will be available for students in addition to their school-issued device. When the resources are available, we will let families know when to drive by Flat Shoals Elementary to pick them up.