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Classified Vacancies

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How to See Job Vacancies and Apply for Classified Employment

  • STEP 1 -- Log into the RCPS Recruiting and Hiring Tool (Frontline)
  • STEP 2 -- Begin the application process by applying for the desired position.
  • Once you have submitted a completed application and packet, you may be contacted for an interview by the hiring administrator.
  • Your application will remain active for one year from the date submitted. After one year, if not updated, application will be deleted. Application materials cannot be returned to applicants. When contacting our office in reference to your application that is on file, always give the name under which you applied, the job for which you applied, and the approximate date that application was submitted. The accuracy and completeness with which all forms are completed will be factors in the consideration of your application.
  • All applicants not already employed by the Rockdale County Board of Education must agree to have a background check conducted through the GBI Criminal Network and must agree to be fingerprinted. There will be a $45.00 non-refundable fee for fingerprinting; exact cash or money order will be required.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are applying for a position for School Food Service or Transportation, a criminal background check is required prior to your being considered for a interview.

•  For Paraprofessionals Only: If you have been offered a position, you will be required to submit transcripts from each college attended, Praxis or GACE score reports and paraprofessional certificate (if applicable). For more information regarding Georgia Teacher and Paraprofessional Certification, please visit the Georgia Professional Standards Commission website at

•  Bus Driver applicants must submit a completed Request for Motor Vehicle Records form with their application.

The Rockdale County Public Schools is a registered participant in the federal work authorization program commonly known as E-verify, and uses such program to verify employment eligibility of all employees hired on or after December 9, 2009.
Company ID Number:  288517
Date of Authorization:  12/9/2009

Required Documents for All Applicants

CBC - Fingerprint Authorization Form
Classified Reference Form
Classified Experience Verification Form 

Required Documents for Transportation Applicants


Employee Information

Employee Benefits 
Board of Education Personnel Policies
Code of Ethics
Employee Self Service

For questions on Classified Employee forms and application, contact [email protected]