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Assistive Technology

Recognizing the importance of Assistive Technology (AT) in the lives of individuals with disabilities, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEIA), requires the Rockdale County Public Schools (RCPS) to obtain and provide a full continuum of services related to AT devices in educationally relevant settings.

What is an Assistive Technology Device?

Assistive Technology is any system or tool, whether acquired commercially, modified, or customized, that is used to maximize the functional capabilities of students with disabilities. These systems or tools may include: pencil grips, magnifiers, eye gaze boards, switches, augmentative communication devices, and computers.

What are Assistive Technology Services?

An Assistive Technology service is any service that directly assists a student with a disability with the following:
  • •  Evaluating the educational needs of a student with a disability, including a functional evaluation of the student in his/her customary environment.
  • •  Purchasing, leasing, or otherwise providing for the acquisition of AT devices.
  • •  Selecting, designing, fitting, customizing, adapting, applying, retaining, repairing or replacing Assistive Technology devices.
  • •  Coordinating and using other therapies, interventions or services with AT devices, such as those associated with existing educational programs.
  • •  Providing training or technical assistance to a student with a disability or, if appropriate, the student's family.
  • •  Offering training or technical assistance to individuals who are providing educational services.

Who Makes Assistive Technology Recommendations for Devices and Services?

The RCPS Assistive Technology Team is composed of:

  • •  special education teachers
  • •  speech language pathologists
  • •  occupational therapists
  • •  physical therapists
  • •  special education coordinator

Additional personnel made include:

  • •  student
  • •  parents/guardians
  • •  medical personnel
  • •  school personnel and/or social services personnel
  • •  instructional technology personnel.

What Data is Gathered to Make Recommendations?

  • •  Individualized Education Program (IEP)
  • •  Cognitive assessments
  • •  Medical records
  • •  Standardized testing
  • •  Environmental inventories
  • •  Observations
  • •  Interviews
  • •  Record review
  • •  Adaptive behavior scales

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