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Middle School Gifted Services

​Students in middle school, grades 6-8, may participate in one or more of the following program options:

•  Core academic classes with an endorsed teacher: Students are groups homogeneously and enrolled in courses which are designed to present more complex subject matter at an accelerated pace. Course content, pacing, process skills emphasized, and student outcomes differ from courses more typical students at a particular grade level would take in a specific content area(s). Includes classes designated as gifted, PC, Honors, as well as AP (Advanced Placement).

•  Cluster Grouping in a heterogeneous class: A group of identified gifted students are grouped full-time, within an otherwise heterogeneous classroom, for instruction by a teacher certified in gifted education. Documentation of specific instructional modifications for individual students is required, including reasons(s) needed, specific learning objectives, alternative activities, amount of time engaged in higher level activities, and how student(s) will be assessed.

•  Modification of regular classroom activities through collaboration of endorsed teacher with classroom teacher. Supplemental or substituted activities are designed for the student to achieve at a higher level of learning.

•  Exploration of special interests in a variety of area through competitions, activities or research. This may take place during or after school hours.

•  Acceleration/Curriculum Compacting: The student moves through the regular content at a quicker pace than other students, enabling him/her to explore other advanced areas of interest in the same content. This requires collaboration between the regular classroom teacher, the gifted education teacher, the student, and the parent. An individual written contract is required.