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High School Gifted Services

​Students in high school, grades 9-12, may participate in one or more of the following options:

  • Academic classes with an endorsed teacher - Students are grouped homogeneously and enrolled in courses which are designed to present more complex subject matter at an accelerated pace. Course content, pacing, process skills emphasized, and student outcomes differ from courses more typical students at a particular grade level would take in a specific content area(s). Includes classes designated as gifted and Honors.
  • Advanced Placement/Honors courses with appropriately trained and endorsed teachers - Students are enrolled in courses offered by the College Board. Students have the opportunity to complete college-level courses and earn college credit while enrolled in high school.
  • Directed/Independent Study with an endorsed teacher - Students participate in a self-initiated, teacher-directed and approved course of study in an area of interest as described in a written contract.
  • Internship/Mentorship - Students are assigned as interns or to a professional/expert in a selected field of study for instruction as described in a written contract.
  • Exploration of special interests through contests and competitions with an endorsed teacher - Students participate in special programs, competitions, etc., during or after the school day.
  • Summer Programs