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More than 30 RRSEF 2021 finalists advance to state, national, international science competitions
Posted on 03/10/2021
Image says "2021 Rockdale Regional Science & Engineering Fair Finalist. A celebration of science!"Conyers, Ga. - Congratulations to all the winners of the virtual 2021 Rockdale Regional Science and Engineering Fair (RRSEF), and a big round of applause for all the student researchers who participated despite the challenges of conducting research this year! Even with the unprecedented circumstances this year presented, 151 student researchers from across our county competed with their science and engineering projects in 22 different categories. The 135 student projects were evaluated by 97 accomplished professionals who volunteered their time and expertise, including nine RRSEF alumni who work in various STEM fields including engineering, research, physics, mathematics, and medicine. Thank you to our volunteers, to the hard-working and dedicated organizers/directors Amanda Baskett and Scott Bolen, and to the sponsors who made this event possible including The Dart Foundation, Delta Community Credit Union, The Rockdale Magnet Fund. Thank you to all the teachers, coaches, parents, mentors who guided and supported these student researchers. Many of the award winners will advance to compete at the state, national, or international level. To view the awards announcements, please click here or visit

Below is the list of awards and recipients:

Grand Awards (advancing to the state science and engineering fair in Spring 2021)

Grand Champions Senior Division:
Christain Davis, Dylan Burkey, Elizabeth Clark, Ethan Myers, Gabrielle Wood, Hailey Corvarrubias & Megan Fachisthers, Isabella Powell, Jaiden Sawyer, Jaydan Ziglar, Jorge Escalera, JR Insular & DeAndre Johnny, Kennedy Boothe & Helena Chapar, Laura Goldgar, Madeline Lombard & Ava Bailey, Mytien Huynh, Nawal Reza, Nylah Ductan, Sophia Fachisthers & Duc Le, Stephan Sellers, and Zuri Njenga.

Grand Champions Junior Division:
Ariana Boyd, Devon White, Isabella Waller, Kenadi Sales & Kaden Davis, Magic Boyd &Bryce Spann, Payten Roach, Rowan Rodgers, and Ryan Rakestraw.

Advancing to National and International Events:

Broadcom MASTERS (Math, Applied Science, Technology, and Engineering for Rising Stars):
Bryce Spann, Magic Boyd, and Rowan Rodgers.

Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair:
Madeline Lombard & Ava Bailey, Dylan Burkey, and Nylah Ductan.

RRSEF Honors:

Senior Division (high school) 1st Honors:
Alina Gutsulyak, Amelia Page & Sydney Moodie, Angel Gomez, Christian Davis, Cindy Manene, Douglas Bone, Dylan Burkey, Elizabeth Clark, Esme McKinney, Ethan Myers, Fatoumata Diakite, Gabrielle Wood, Hailey Covarrubias & Megan Fachisthers, Henry Canseco, Isaac Bare, Isabella Powell, Jaidyn Sawyer, Jaydan Ziglar, Jorge Escalera, JR Insular & DeAndre Johney, Kayla Lewis, Kenitra Jackson, Kennedy Boothe & Helena Chapar, Kristian Williams, Laura Goldgar, Lauren McWilliams, Madeline Lombard & Ava Bailey, Mytien Huynh, Nathaniel Gignilliat, Nawal Reza, Nylah Ductan, Patricia Ilic, Precious Dace, Rose Francois, Sabra Winston, Simon DePina, Sophia Fachisthers & Duc Le,  Stephan Sellers, Zaria Battle, and Zuri Njenga.

Senior Division (high school) 2nd Honors:
Abigail Patterson, Alexander Thomas, Amani Roberson, Autumn Jeffries, Brett Forbes, Caitlyn Hildebran & Nicholas Cowin, Damaria Ponder, Daniel Arias, Destiny Sarter, Elizabeth Combs, Eric Montgomery, Gabriel Macias, Gabrielle Daley, Gavin Garner, Grace Kirkland, Guinevere Grant, Hayley Sanders, Hector Aguirre, Henry Chau, Isabella Cooper, Jackson Myers, Jocelyn Davis & Kyndel Jones, Junay Gamory, Laila Wood, Madison Jackson, Margaret Hwang, Maya Lester, Micah Williams, Morgan Gill, Nathan Chirico, Nicholas Muong, Rhea Sethi, Ryan Wood, Samuel Clark, Sara Tanner, Sya Chandler, Taylor Mcintyre, Tyloni Bailey, William Moss, and Zak Yassin.

Senior Division (high school) 3rd Honors:
Alexander Zakirov, Alisha Robbins, Brent Joyce, Clark Fulgham, Colleta Kiswii, Courtney Calligan, Dakarai Lanes, Daniela Aguilar, Dellis McCalla, Genaro Moreno, Hannah Sanders, Jade Callwood, Jasmyne Porter, Jeriko Kammerer & William Brumback, Jerry Gonzalez, Joel Oniha, Joshua Banks, Jynae McFarlane, Lesly Cadena, Logan Garlin, Luis Mejia Gonzalez, Mackenzie Kennelly, Mariana Rios, Maxwell Zhang, Samuel Popoca, Sariyah Willis, Skyler McLymore, Stewart Oser, Sydnee Hairston, Taylor McMillian, Terrance Hollingsworth, and Victoria Martins-Olufowote.

Junior Division 1st place:
Ariana Boyd, Barkley Dowdy, Christopher Broaddus, Devon White, Isabella Waller, Kenadi Sales & Kaden Davis, Magic Boyd & Bryce Spann, Micah Frazier, Olivia Howard-Bashir, Payten Roach, Rowan Rodgers, and Ryan Rakestraw.

Junior Division 2nd Place:
Prakash Gupta, Laila Evans & Gabriel Flowers, William Gilkey, Alex Rojas, Shamar Henry, Logan Harila, and Victoria Olufowote.

Junior Division 3rd Place:
Hezekiah Sylvestre, Kyle Franklin & Joel Samuels, Dustin Reddish, Jahari Israel, and Alexa Gomez-Ventura.

Specialty Awards:

American Meteorological Society Award:
Ethan Myers & Gabrielle Wood.

American Psychological Association Award:
Isaac Bare

ASM Materials Education Award:
Gavin Garner

Association for Women Geoscientists:
Elizabeth Clark
Mu Alpha Theta Award:
Abigail Patterson

NASA Earth Science Award:
Zak Yassin

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Award:
Kristin Williams

Ricoh Sustainable Development Award:
Hailey Covarrubias & Megan Fachisthers

U.S. Agency for International Development:
Barkley Dowdy

US Metric Association Award:
Elizabeth Combs

Yale Science and Engineering Association Award:
Mytien Huynh

Jill Beach & Mary Mansell Award:
Parents, families, and everyone who supported RRSEF finalists during this unprecedented time.