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Public Notice: Schools Ask for CLIP Feedback 2016
Posted on 06/29/2016
PDF Public Notice Schools Ask Parents For Title I CLIP Feedback.pdf

ROCKDALE COUNTY PARENTS: Please visit your school now through July 25, 2016 to review and provide feedback on the Comprehensive LEA Improvement Plan document described below.

Title I, Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA) requires Local Education Agencies (LEAs or school districts) to have an approved plan on file with the Georgia Department of Education in order to receive federal funds.

The CLIP (Comprehensive LEA Improvement Plan) contains plan descriptors which address how federal funding will be used in our district to improve student achievement.  This plan is revised annually by stakeholders representing teachers, principals, administrators and parents of children in schools receiving Title I services. 

A copy of the plan can be reviewed at each school and the Central Office located at 954 North Main St., Conyers, GA 30012, Monday through Thursday.  Individual school hours may vary, so those interested should call for school office hours.