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STEM-strong at Regional Science Fair: 56 advance to state, national, international science fairs 2018
Posted on 02/02/2018
Huong Ho, Michelle Nguyen, Tykera Moore - the three students  from the 2018 Rockdale Regional Science and Engineering Fair chosen to advance to the prestigious Intel International Science and Engineering FairRockdale's brightest young scientific minds and the research they conducted in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields were in the spotlight at the 2018 Rockdale Regional Science and Engineering Fair (RRSEF) Jan. 26 at Rockdale Magnet School for Science and Technology. Out of 186 participants, 49 Grand Champions (32 high school students and 17 middle school students) will advance to the Georgia Science and Engineering Fair in March. More were chosen to advance to national and international competitions. This year's RRSEF saw 177 projects submitted in 23 scientific categories evaluated by more than 70 STEM professionals. For more information, visit

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GRAND CHAMPIONS, SENIOR DIVISION (high school projects advancing to state fair): 
Adaysha Gilbert & Aryana Brown, Anthony Rickman, Ashanah Gayden, Brandom Gignilliat, Cara Zheng, Carly Kimpling, Cionne Gates, Cole Nangle, Elaina Mosely, Huong Ho, Imani Williams, Isabella Gaona, Jacqueline Gomez, Jordan Porter & Ashley Williams, Kennedi Tyler, Khaylie Boothe, Matthew Fachisthers, Michelle Nguyen, Najifa Hossain & Sarah Beharry, Natalia Arias, Nicole Ofori, Renee George, Sarah Burkey, Sarah Goldgar, Shivam Vohra & Ian Wescott, Steven Hua, Tommy Nguyen, Tykera Moore. 

GRAND CHAMPIONS, JUNIOR DIVISION (middle school projects advancing to state fair): 
Alex Zakirov, Aum Patel, Dylan Burkey, Grace Kirkland & Liauna Kelly, Jeriko Kammerer & Keon Wright & Maxwell Zhang, Laura Goldgar, Megan Fachisthers & Hailey Covarrubias, Morgan Gill & Margaret Hwang, Nathan Crafts, Nylah Ductan, Stewart Oser, Zac Yassin. 


Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) (advancing to international competition in Pittsburgh, Penn. in May 2018) - Michelle Nguyen, Huong Ho, Tykera Moore.

Regeneron Science Talent Search (STS) Recommendation Award (top high school projects entering national fair) - Huong Ho, Jacqueline Gomez, Tommy Nguyen, Kira Blankenship, Elina Babkina, Matthew Fachisthers, Cionne Gates, Kennedi Tyler, Isabella Gaona, Kep Nana, Anthony Mays, Tykera Moore, Khaylie Boothe.

Broadcom MASTERS
(top middle school projects entering national fair) - Dylan Burkey, Nylah Ductan, Morgan Gill, Laura Goldgar, Margaret Hwang, Liauna Kelly, Grace Kirkland, Stewart Oser. 

NCSSS Student Conference
(presenting at national conference) - Payton Lovett, Austin Goodloe; alternates - Elina Babkina, Tommy Nguyen, Natalie Arias. 

Sigma XI (entering national research competition online): Neiko Anderson, Elaina Mosely, Camryn Taylor, Anthony Rickman. 

2018 Jill Beach Middle School Teacher Award
- Terilyn Smith, Memorial Middle School. 

2018 Mary Mansell High School Teacher Award - Scott Robinson, Rockdale Magnet School for Science and Technology. 

American Meteorological Society - Matthew Fachisthers, Kep Nana. 

American Psychological Association
- Sydney Turner. 

ASU Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives Award
- Elina Babkina, Kep Nana. 

Association for Women Geoscientists
– Kep Nana. 

Doubting Thomas Award
- Amaya Roberson, Natalie Arias. 

Intel Excellence in Computer Science Award
- Brandon Hong. 

The Kennedy ‘Making Sense of Science’ Award - Brandon Hong. 

Mu Alpha Theta (math honor society) Award - Imani Williams. 

NASA EARTH System Science Award - Kep Nana. 

NOAA Taking the Pulse of the Planet Award
- Matthew Fachisthers. 

Ricoh Sustainable Development Award - Matthew Fachisthers. 

Society for In Vitro Biology - Cionne Gates. 

Stockholm Junior Water Prize - Grant Brown, Leandra Spears, Ashanah Gayden. 

U.S. Air Force - Kira Blankenship, Elina Babkina, Matthew Fachisthers. 

US Metric Association SI Metric Award - Khaylie Boothe. 

Office of Naval Research U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Award 
Junior Division - Nylah Ductan, Alex Zakirov.
Senior Division - Michelle Nguyen, Kennedi Tyler, Isabella Gaona. 

Yale Science & Engineering Association, Inc. Award - Kep Nana. 

Adaysha Gilbert, Aryana Brown
Anthony Rickman
Ashanah Gayden
Brandom Gignilliat
Cara Zheng
Carly Kimpling
Cionne Gates
Cole Nangle
Elaina Mosely
Huong Ho
Imani Williams
Isabella Gaona
Jacqueline Gomez
Jordan Porter, Ashley  Williams 
Kennedi Tyler
Khaylie Boothe
Matthew Fachisthers
Michelle Nguyen
Najifa Hossain, Sarah Beharry
Natalia Arias
Nicole Ofori
Renee George
Sarah Burkey
Sarah Goldgar
Shivam Vohra, Ian Wescott
Steven Hua
Tommy Nguyen
Tykera Moore
Anthony Mays
Candy Zheng
Elina Babkina
Kayla Andrews
Kep Nana
Kira Blankenship


Aaron Geanas
Aseem Mateen
Brandon Hong
Brooklyn Shirah
Chelsea Stone
Chiemeka Nzerue
Grant Brown, Leandra Spears
Grant Tomlinson
Jose Macias, Colin Kennelly
Karli Williams
Mauya Mitchell
Neiko Anderson
Olivia Gordon
Olivia Johnson
Shamar Palmer, Joshua Robinson
Sydney Turner
Tony Coefield
Zora Duncan, Anna Tapia

Amya Roberson
Ashlyn Williams
Caleb Crenshaw
Camryn Taylor
Chase Malone
Daniel Luu
Destiny Sawyer
Fabiolla Garcia
Imani Allen
Jada Grant
Jaxon Cowles
Jordin Joseph
Justin Bromell
Kendall Andries
Kyjani Jones
Kyra Jones
Madison Rosipal
Marley Shillingford
Millian Mollison
Nailah Clarington
Neil Desai
Payton Lovett
Rhiana Sterling
Taylor James
Valeria Cavarrubias
Victoria Thomas

Alex Zakirov
Aum Patel
Dylan Burkey
Grace Kirkland, Liauna Kelly
Jeriko Kammerer, Keon Wright, Maxwell Zhang
Laura Goldgar
Megan Fachisthers, Hailey Covarrubias
Morgan Gill, Margaret Hwang
Nathan Crafts
Nylah Ductan
Stewart Oser
Zac Yassin
Isabella Rich, Junay Gamory
Jacqueline Garcia, Emani Stanton
Kennedy Boothe, Sarah Abdulkhader, Zachary Wilson
Naomi Clarkson, Alyeah McAllister


Hayyaa Patel
Korbin Parker
Sam Clark, Jackson Myers, Victoria Martins


Aeneas Moore, Nathaniel Reynolds
Elizabeth Huynh
Eric Montgomery
Giovanni DeFelice, Valerie Rosas
Hector Aquire, Abigail Paterson
Hunter Kersh, John Dipzinski, Nicholas Muong
Jaidyn Sawyer, Donovan Muhammad
Patricia Ilic, Douglas Bone