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4 Out of 5 RCPS Students Graduate On Time
Posted on 11/09/2016
RCHS graduates seated at commencement ceremony.CONYERS, GA – Four out of five Rockdale County Public Schools students are graduating on time, according to four-year graduation rates recently released by the Georgia Department of Education for 2016. The RCPS graduation rate remains above the state average.

The State of Georgia average increased to 79.2%, up slightly from 78.7%. RCPS continues to be above the state at 82.1 %.  This means that 4 out of every 5 students are graduating on time.  

“Last year we had a significant increase in our graduation rate which held steady above the state this year,” says Superintendent Richard Autry.  “While we want all of our students to graduate in four years, we recognize that many of our students need some additional time, such as summer school, an extra semester, or even extra year or more to earn their diploma.  Our five-year graduation rate, which is also calculated into the state accountability measurement, has risen to 87.5%.  Our ultimate goal is that 100% of our students graduate and earn a diploma as a means for expanding their opportunities into higher education and/or the workforce. I appreciate the work of our administrators, faculty and staff to keep students focused and on track for graduation. This is a Pre-K through 12th grade accomplishment in which every staff member in this district contributed and of which they should be proud.”

In its press release, the Georgia Department of Education explained the four-year adjusted cohort graduation rate defines the cohort based on when a student first becomes a freshman. The rate is calculated using the number of students who graduate within four years and includes adjustments for student transfers.

“The 2016 graduation rate shows our schools continue to make progress by offering students an education that is relevant, keeping more students in school and on a path to a better quality of life,” State School Superintendent Richard Woods said. “As part of VISION 2020, we have a goal of exceeding the national average graduation rate by the year 2020, ensuring that more students will receive a meaningful high school diploma that prepares them for a successful and productive future.”

 School/System,  2016 Grad Rate,  2015 Grad Rate,
Heritage High   81.5,  84.5.
Rockdale County High
 85.1,  87.1 .
Salem High
 84.6,  86.2 .
RCPS (District)
 82.1,  83.3 .
State of Georgia
 79.2,  78.7 .

 School/System,  2016 Grad Rate,
 2015 Grad Rate,
 Heritage High
 86.7 ,
 82.5 .
 Rockdale County High
 91 ,
 82.3 .
 Salem High
 86.5 ,
 84.4 .
 RCPS (District)
 87.5 ,
 82.4 .